• This blog is now on NuxtJS 😀

    It's been quite some time that I wanted to change the engine behind cnicodeme.com but I didn't know which one to choose. Previously, this blog was using Hexo. It's a nice tool to quickly generate a static website/blog, but it's quite limited when you want to do a bit more than just blogging. I had my eyes on VuePress a bit but was open to other tools. My only requirements were using either Python or Javascript, with a preference for Javascript for its popularity (and thus more chances to have some interesting modules ready). I quickly narrowed down to Gatsby and Nuxt, and since I'm not a big fan of React, the decision to try Nuxt was made.

  • Case study: Helpspace.io

    Helpspace.io is another customer support product that got my attention on ProductHunt for a few reasons: the name is easy to remember, the design of the landing page is nice and customer support is a trending market. All in all, I think the makers behind Helpspace have a chance to do something nice with their tool, and that's why I decided to do a case study about it.

  • Generating PDF documents in Python — The easy way

    Generating a PDF document can be hell. Here, we’ll try to make that simpler by using PDFShift.io powerful API.

  • The story behind ImprovMX

    We recently bought ImprovMX. I share here the decision behind it and our plans on how to grow the service.

  • On difficulties to monetize a marketplace

    We recently switched Transferslot to a new model, one that only accepts profitable projects. We know this is a big step and will greatly reduce the number of submissions, but on the other hand, the products that will be published will be of better quality, with a beginning of market validation and a potential for growth that are more interesting.

  • Excitation is killing productivity

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m working on a project, I sometimes have a few moment of excitations thinking about the future, how the project will be, how that specific feature I’m working on will trigger some great feedback when I’ll start to talk about it…

  • Getting a hold of the competition

    One reflex you must have when you start a new project, is to check the competition, how it’s working, how healthy they are, etc. One red flag that must arise from this, is “no competitors”. There is no such thing as no competitors. Do you believe Facebook was the first on the market? Do you think Internet Explorer was the first? Is your product the first on the market? No, no and certainly no.

  • Essay on marketing.

    As a developer, when I was reading that “developing your product is just the tip of the iceberg”, I was thinking it wasn’t true. When you see all the hard work you have to put into it, your mind doesn’t accept the fact that this is only the easy part. And I was wrong.

  • The end of AdSense?

    More and more people are starting to ignore everything that looks like ads. When Google was placing advertising on the right of a search result, it was proven that people started to completely remove it from their vision, simply ignoring it. It’s called banner blindness.